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We follow our vision to become the most high-quality and innovative truck and van  provider of stickers and sticker installation.


Understanding the most important graphic design rules, as well as the needs and wishes of the customer, lead to the PERFECT WRAPPING. With well-thought graphics we reduce the cost of foil installation.


For superior performance, we offer various printing techniques, print effects and a large selection of foils and special laminates.


With our innovative X-CUT technique and templates made according to the vehicle dimensions, we avoid cutting the foil on the surface of the vehicle up to 80%.


We are a certified 3M partner and we print on 3M materials. Preparation, printing and foil installation are performed in accordance with 3M standards.

Experience since 2003

Special projects

Ducati Avstrija has prepared even more daring racing version of the Ducati Panigale Racing in cooperation with MarKing brand.
MarKing team presented some of the Slovenian knowledge on the Red Bull Air Race 2017.
Unikatoy was an excellent project we collaborated upon.  Our design and car wrap beautifies Unikatoy racing car.

MCS 3M partner

MCS partnership provides support and quality of performance and materials according to 3M standards.

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