Premium Package

From 490€ on

+300€ for graphic preview

 + from 75€ to 100€*

*for adjustment of graphic preview on another vehicle

VAT not included
We have prepared several packages for easier understanding and for faster coordination and achievement of the desired goal, taking into account also the wishes of the client. We present you a PREMIUM package that is suitable for anyone who wants a unique installation of graphic on a vehicle, customizeded to your own wishes and requirements, tailor made to suit your brand and its visual images.

Premium materials Creating stickers with templates

The premium package offers you prints on premium 3M cast materials, for which we offer you 3 years warranty, just like the service itself. We also enable template applying of the foils, which means that we avoid injuries on the vehicle, because the stickers are not cut on the surface of the vehicle, but are printed & cut in advance according to the shape of your vehicle. We also offer less expensive materials, though they have a shorter life expectancy as well as a warranty period.

More vehicles more savings

If your order includes more than 3 vehicles, you can save up even more.

Contact us at and we’ll send you a quote according to your requirement.

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The prices of foil application for vehicles or decals can vary as listed below in the table.  Find the right size of your vehicle and price range and your basic price is in the palm of your hand.

The price can vary or be changed by using different effects or additions according to your personal preferring; such as different print effects, printing on metallic or transparent foil, wrap finishing etc …

Contact us at and we will prepare a personalized offer of your unique design and choice.

*accessories / special effects for windows: Wrapping the windows is charged extra by square meter; the cost for a window up to 60 cm width is 30 €, more then 60 cm width costs 45 €.
All prices are exclusive of VAT and do not include cost of design, thermo-printing, print on transparent or special effect foil, development of templates, and fusion or foil application of plastic parts

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